dijous, 16 de març de 2023



At the beginning of our English classes, we always focus on practicing routines, days of the week, and weather using songs. Working on these routines is particularly important for our 3-year-old students, as it helps them develop a sense of structure and predictability, and it also allows them to gain confidence and fluency in English through repeated practice.


In our current "Let's Explore" activity we are learning about animals, their habitats, and their physical characteristics. During our lessons, we have been singing and dancing the popular song "We're Going to the Zoo" and using clay to create animals that curl up. Additionally, we have been working together to identify the different habitats that some animals belong to.


This activity has not only been fun for the children, but it has also helped to develop their creativity and critical thinking skills. They have been learning about the importance of taking care of our environment and the animals that live in it. We hope that you can continue to support your child's learning at home and encourage them to explore the world around them.

Learning about animals is fun!

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